A smooth production flow

In one continuous movement from resource to finished end product.Our two production lines process pure steel in rolls to complete and precise tubing and profiles. Thanks to a continuous supply and automated production, we switch easily and flexibly between different processes. We do that according to your planning and timing. Each product can be followed and traced easily using an individual number.

Computerised custom work

The state-of-the-art technological machine complex, an example in the sector, produces profiles and tubing perfectly to size. With computerised precision. Regardless of amount, every length is possible – also shorter than three metres or combinations of lengths. This also applies to shape, distance between pre-drilled holes, finishing of welds or wall size. We love standards at brt, but we love changing them even more, including for packaging. This is how we make a difference in service and bespoke work.

  • Length
  • Shape
  • Diameter
  • Wall thickness
  • Welds
  • Coating
  • Punching
  • Colour
  • Packaging

Coatings with proven protection

Brt coatings have been proving their reliability for 35 years. Thanks to a robust treatment and three in-house powder coating facilities, we are proud of our great expertise. Whatever coating is required: we choose the best solution for maximum strength and lifespan.

The supply advantage

Take advantage of an expansive and permanent inventory of tubing and profiles in standard sizes. No waiting times, no production times and always a wide array of finished products available to you. Ready for delivery. Your steel supply is uninterrupted and your production process is always smooth. Even when it’s urgent.

Steel to build on

We are proud of our products. That’s why we only use steel with the iso 9001- standard and high quality galvanisation. We also apply strict checks in every phase. Every tube and profile meets the din standards nl10.204-2.2 and en10204-3. The surface, weld, wall thickness, straightness and length: each component is carefully examined and tested. Only products that meet our requirements are allowed to leave the factory.

Choose your steel

  • Cold rolled steel DC01, DC02, etc.
  • Hot rolled steel DD11, S235JR, etc.
  • Galvanised steel DX51D, S220, S250GD, S355, etc.


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  • info@brt.be

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